What is Bitcoin?
If you do not know what Bitcoin is, and understand how to use it, then you should learn about it first before investing here. Start learning about Bitcoin here.

How do you double my coins?
We use a custom high-frequency trading algorithm. Because the Bitcoin price is constantly changing, our platform will automatically buy and sell thousands of Bitcoins (or partial BTC known as Satoshi) every minute, locking the price differences as profit.

How do I know your program really pays?
The Payouts and Deposits links in the menu will show you real-time transactions. You can see the Bitcoin addresses of the money coming in and out and where it is going. This shows we are really paying.

What is the minimum amount of Bitcoins I can deposit?
0.002 BTC is the minimum amount we are able to work with in order to launch a successful trading campaign to double the original investment and still keep the 12 hours time period promised.

What is the maximum amount of Bitcoins I can deposit?
3.0 BTC is the maximum.

How can I get Started?
First Step: Choose the amount to double and provide a Bitcoin address to receive earned profit.
Second Step: Deposit any amount (min 0.002 BTC / max 3.0 BTC) to the uniquely generated deposit address.
Third Step: Automatically receive your profit after 12 hours.

Does it ever take longer than 12 hours to receive my doubled Bitcoins?
No, this doesn't usually happen as we have an emergency savings wallet that we use to double Bitcoins of failed or halted trades. This ensures our investors receive their double Bitcoins on time. The only reason payouts should be late is due to technical issues.

How do I withdraw my money?
You don't need to do anything to withdraw profit. When your investment matures you will receive double your initial investment amount automatically to your Bitcoin address.

Do you only accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency?
We currently only accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. We are working on an Ethereum Doubler, which should be available in August 2020. Check back here for more information.

What types of Bitcoin addresses do you accept for payout
We only accept two out of the three primary types - P2PKH and P2SH. When you enter your payout address, you will receive an error message if your address is not in the correct format.

What should I do if I don't receive my doubled Bitcoins after 12 hours?
Contact us and we will investigate the issue and make sure that you receive your doubled Bitcoins one way or another.

What happens if I submit the same Bitcoin withdraw address more than once?
No need to worry - your withdrawal address will simply have more than one investment tied to it. Each address we give you is permanently tied to your payout address. You can use the same deposit address many times.

When does the 12 hour period start?
The 12 hours starts after your deposit receives at least 3 network confirmations. The Bitcoin network can sometimes be slow, with deposits taking as long as 6 or more hours to get confirmed. Speed up your deposit confirmation by using a higher network fee.

12 hours have passed, when will you process a payout?
The payout usually takes around 15 minutes. In rare occasions the payout could be delayed up to 12 hours, because we need to refill our hot wallet.

What is Triple Tuesday?
Triple Tuesday is a special day each week when you can receive 3x your investment instead of 2x. The day of the week is based on GMT time and the offer runs from 00:00 AM to 23:59 PM every Tuesday. To get triple your investment (instead of the usual double) you must invest between 0.05 and 3.0 BTC. An investment under 0.05 will receive a double payout, as usual. Please note that the Deposit and Payout screens are not updated to display the triple payout. The triple payout is calculated when payment is sent, and it applies to any deposit made on Tuesday. The deposit does not have to be confirmed on Tuesday, it just has to be sent on Tuesday.

What is Free Bonus Friday?
Free Bonus Friday means you get a 10% bonus added to your deposit amount if you make the deposit on Friday. The day of the week is based on GMT time and the offer runs from 00:00 AM to 23:59 PM every Friday. Regular deposit limits apply. If you make a deposit on Friday of 0.004, your payout is 0.0088 (because your deposit amount becomes 0.0044). Please note that the Deposit and Payout screens are not updated to display the bonus payout. The bonus payout is calculated when payment is sent, and it applies to any deposit made on Friday. The deposit does not have to be confirmed on Friday, it just has to be sent on Friday.

Do you charge any fees for your services?
No, we do no charge any fee for our services or use of our website.

Can I make more than one deposit?
Yes, there are no limitations. You can keep sending deposits to the same address. Or you can generate as many deposit addresses as you wish by simply providing another payout address.

It is time for my payment, when will I receive it?
The payout is fully automated and instant and usually takes around 1 to 60 seconds but no longer than 15 minutes.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we have a referral (or affiliate) program. You can earn 20% of any deposits made by your referrals.

When are referral commissions paid?
As soon as the deposit of your referral is confirmed (3 times). We will send out your commission to your BTC address immediately after confirmation of the deposit.

Can I refer investors if I do not make an investment?
Yes, you can. You do not have to invest to use the referral program. Just put your BTC address in the referral link and start generating revenue.

Can I use myself as a referrer for a commission?
No. You are not allowed to use yourself as a referrer when depositing money.

What if I do not see an answer to my question?
Please contact us via the Support page available on our website. We will gladly provide an answer to your question.

How can I contact you?
If you have any problems or further questions, you are most welcome to contact us using our Support page.